Samtalen handler om Knoops serie Kvinner maler menn, om Knoops kunstnerskap og Harriet Backers ikke-feministiske prosjekt. Backers fokus på malerkunsten, hvordan impresjonismen ble videreført i Norge med fokus på å male lyset, samt Backers betydning for Helene Knoop.


Portrait of a World Champion

The chess grand master, Magnus Carlsen was modelling for Helene Knoop in 2019. The painting named “Remis”, is now in a private collection. “Remis” 100 x 120 cm oil on canvas.

New works

The painting, Three Black Graces, which I painted some years ago has now a sister motif. Original were the three graces in roman mythology the three goddesses of beauty, grace and joy, as well as personifications of the art of poetry and the visual arts. Despite the age of the history, I think the motif still is universal and timeless.

The Wize Fool Podcast

We discuss politics of the arts, grants, Fresco, parenthood, the difficulties of being a full time artist, commissions, portrait painting, and presentation.

Portrait commission of Maria Montessori

My commission work of Maria Montessori is now finishes and is hanging at Vollen Montessori School, Norway. Montessori was a pioneering scientist and educator, who has inspired people globally with her genuinely universal approach to the development of the child. Today, Montessori education is applied across all ages, from birth to eighteen and through to …

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Grand Opening – Helene Knoop – Grand Hotel Oslo- October 8th 2020, at 5pm

The exhibition at Grand Hotel is devoted to the theme «Men» and a comprehensive portrait of Magnus Carlsen, the master in chess, will be shown for the first time. The Hotel owner, Christian Ringnes will open the exhibition. Wine and sparkling wine will be served. Welcome! Opening hours (with reservation): 9,10,11,14,16,17,18,24,25,30 and 31 October. 11 …

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