Maria Montessori

Portrait of Maria Montessori. Oil on canvas. 145 x 220 cm. 2020















20 years ago I painted his sister and now he was ready to get his portrait painted.



Portrait commission , – a tradition that no longer is traditional. Portrait is not only a picture of a person. It´s a dive into ones personality, a history, a life.
-Grateful that my crafts can get such commissions.

The father and husband gave as gift a portrait to each in his dear family. Different countries and cultures and dreams was melted together in these paintings.

Filip. 55×65 cm. Oil on canvas. 2019.

Customers choice; I would like you to paint symbolic paintings of my family. With one foot in each country and culture. With their own way of seeing life...

Portrait of Mattias. 55 x 65 cm. Oil on canvas. 2019


The father and husband gave as gift a portrait to each in his dear family. Different countries and cultures and dreams was melted together in these paintings.

A couple asked me if I could paint a nude, male, for their collection which lacked men.

A young man, the son, asked me if I could paint his mother as a gift to her.

Euterpe, 2008-2009. Oil on canvas, 100 x 120 cm.Helene Knoop undertakes a limited number of commissions each year. The modell often comes to pose in her studio in Oslo. Larger commissions such as paintings destined  for public and private buildings can be arranged, as can commissions abroad. For more information please contact Helene Knoop directly at post ( @ )

Helene Knoop about her commissions: 

Commissions, either in the form of larger figure compositions or smaller portraits, are strong symbols in the public room and an important part of the private sphere.  The commissioner plants the idea:  I develop and reveal it through my interpretation and craft.

As a painter, I engage with the space in which the painting will hang and I always use live models.  I seek the person’s soul and hunt for sublime ideas. I play, I elevate, and I create a narrative.

Here is the story behind a few of the commissioned paintings seen in the gallery below:


Portrait of Venus

Portrait of Venus. A husband once contacted me asking if I could paint his beautiful wife. They had been married for 12 years and he had thought about it since the day they met. The idea was his: I moderated it a little as it was supposed to hang in the family house. The result was a timeless, seductive image of a strong and beautiful woman glancing over her shoulder, meeting her husband’s eyes.


The Jacobsen Family

The Jakobsen Family. Viktor has his origins in Italy. He asked me to do a large portrait of his daughters and himself. Full freedom, I was promised, so I created a world based on their origins and personal history. Getting all the details right, creating the atmosphere, and the complicated composition, took me a whole year. All the layers of paint mirrored their story.


Pregnant Therese

Pregnant Woman. Once I made a drawing of a pregnant woman, in her last phase of the pregnancy. I was asked to do a painting of the same motif and had to answer the customer: “I will, as soon as one of my friends get pregnant.” After a year I had the perfect model. We started in the first month of her pregnancy, carefully depicting everything, except from the belly. As we entered the ninth month the center of the painting was completed