Upcoming show. Undercurrent. Bærum Kunstforening, Norway, April 30th-May29th

In large format and with deeper experience Helene Knoop is showing 20 new works; paintings, drawings, installations and lithographs.

Knoop interpreters the Nordic temperament and landscape with a baroque history and brushwork. Figures are poetically placed into the Birchwood and shows scenes which explains the show-title; Undercurrent. Woodland and scrub grows between large trees. Figures living their lives in the great society, children’s own world in our world and the true story about the sisters.

Each work gives you layer of layer as much technique as content.

As always, Knoop mixes her own life into the work such as in “Madonna of the woods” and “Goodnight kiss”

For more details see: Bærum Kunstforening


Madonna of the woods, 2016. Oil on canvas, 176 x 103 cm

Goodnight kissUndercurrent