The Ludwig Knoop project

Helene Knoop is planning to make an art project and exhibition in Narva based on her family history, Ludwig Knoop, and the Kreenholm Factory. She was invited to Estonia by the organisation Norden and visited Tallinn and Narva, to leran more about the history of Narva and Kreenholm as well as get in contact with her collaborators. Her first impression; “Arriving the train station in Narva was like coming home,-backwards in time. It´s my first visit, but definitively not the last time I will go to Narva. My head is now filled up with inspiration which needs to be visualized the next months.

The atmosphere in Narva tells you about the changing times and I had the impression that something more will happen in the nearest future. I came to seek the past but also got to know the visions of Narva. For me the  Kreenholm factory was a shining ruin, the factory hall was like the finest mirror room in a castle, just without the mirrors. As I was told they already had successful theatre plays, opera and exhibitions there. I believe Ludwig Knoop would be pleased with that.

To meet the people at the public conversation at the Narva Art Residency (NART) was a very nice end of my stay. The people who used to work at Kreenholm seemed proud of their earlier workplace and what they have designed and produced with handcraft and quality.

So far I tried to give them an impression of my work and thoughts and I wish I had the time to hear more of their stories.”